A simple and lewd tile matching game with a fantasy setting.

With their host club business starting to fail, Jigoro sets out to drum up some partnerships and gain new clients. Flirt your way through negotiations with 4 cute women. Mix business with pleasure as your partnerships grow. Satisfy your clients hidden desires. Get rich.

4 cute and attractive ladies to court, each with their own unique personality and preferences. Some girls have particular needs, making their negotiations require a completely new way of thinking to succeed.

Visual Novel-style cutscenes, with animated portraits (made with Live2D) for the girls. Juiced up tile-match gameplay, with consumable power-ups and permanent upgrades as you funnel your hard-earned cash back into your business.

Streamsafe mode – When enabled all the anime tiddy and other lewd parts are covered up, though the text remains.

Thread Updated: 2019-09-23
Release Date: 2019-08-20
Developer: Azurezero PatreonItch.ioTwitter
Censored: No
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English
Store: Itch.ioSteam


Thank you @Rockman- for sharing the game.